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What to expect...

Lose Weight

This is food challenge that is calorie restricted, carb restricted and a low sugar plan. What separates us from other diets is that we give you real food, that is free from GMOS, fillers, junk , gluten, and other toxins that can slow the metabolism down. Our 21 day plan will light a healthy fire under your system.

Smarter and Energetic

With no gluten, or junk in your system. You won’t feel a drop in the middle of the day, and it will subside the crankiness and Brain fog most experience with un healthy eating.

Positive Effect

Positively affect your entire family. Maybe they don’t adhere to the entire challenge, but you doing it will rub off and they will start making changes too.

It's Fun, so FUN!

Imagine, having more time for yourself and your loved ones because you won’t be shopping, cooking, or cleaning. Most of don’t realize how much eating out can negatively impact your pocket book. With a pre made meal plan set, there is no expired food costs because you didn’t have time to cook it or because you’re just too tired.

21 Day Challenge Information & Guidelines

What do the meals consist of, and how many?  

-Each challenger will be receiving 21 meals a week, for 21 days. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which equals to a total of 63 items for the 3 weeks, 21 items per week. Our meals are certified Gluten free (no wheat, barley, or rye), diabetic friendly (excluding cheat dessert). Challenger meals are 4-ounce protein portions, 35 grams of protein each meal.

-Each challenger receives the exact same meals to be in complete compliance and fairness with the challenge. Meals are labeled accordingly. Exercise can be added, with weight-loss meals but is not necessary.  

-The 21 Day Challenge is a plan for anyone to lose an average of 9 to 18 lbs. for the 21 days alone on our meals. They are from 1100 to 1200 calories per day. There are no modifications during the challenge. For example, if you are a person who doesn’t like carrots, we won’t be substituting. Any allergen such as soy, corn, dairy, or nuts, will not be modified on the challenger meals. We highly recommend you sticking with our regular monthly or weekly plans that include these types of modifiers.  

How will the winner be picked?

  • Winner will be chosen on overall transformation of the following; appearance, inches lost, weight measured, BMI (body mass index) and body fat percentage combined.
  • A recent before photo is required, within 1 week of challenge start date of full frontal view along with a side view picture. If photo is not taken at our location, then email to with name and phone number attached to account with proof of date.

Picture is to be clear and fully clothed. A Second photo must be sent no more than 2 days after the last challenge has ended. Both frontal and side views will be required, along with proof of date.



Prior to August 28th , 2020, the challenger must pay their remaining balance. Also, the weigh in needs to be done between August 26th - August 28th. 

No sooner and no later.

The final weigh in will be on September 23rd at our NEW home location 1805 W Trenton Rd; Edinburg, Texas 78539.  

At both weigh ins, Challenger must remove everything from pockets and are not allowed to wear waist trainers

How many can enter?  

We only are reserving spots for 150 people. To ultimately hold your spot, the only guarantee is a $100.00 NON REFUNDABLE / NON TRANSFERABLE deposit is made. If

challenger decides to not enter when challenge date comes around, we cannot give the money back because it was reserving a spot. If you are entering the challenge with the $100.00 deposit or more of the full price, it will be deducted from the total balance.

Discounts for Participants and Pick up information

Meals will have to be picked up twice a week for 3 weeks at designated pick up times.  

{Sundays- 12pm-7pm}

{Thursdays 8am- to 7pm}

First Pick up August 30th, 2020


Rules for Delivery/Delivery for the month is $24.00

$299.00 total for 21 Day Challenge

-Any changes made to delivery needs to be submitted 48 hours prior to delivery schedule dates.    

-Our delivery drivers make one attempt to deliver. If no one is at location, meals will be brought back to kitchen to be picked up. AGAIN, MEALS BROUGHT BACK TO KITCHEN CAN ONLY BE HOUSED FOR 24 HOURS FROM TIME OF DELIVERY. Our

drivers are not allowed to reroute to another location during their planned route. Please note

we deliver all over the Rio Grande Valley.  

Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of our growth and our healthy family. We are honored we can help you reach your goal at an affordable rate, with such delicious high-quality meals!!