21 Day Keto Challenge

This is a program designed for anyone who is interested in changing their metabolism to begin use their ketones as an energy source, instead of relying on the constant and over consumption of carbohydrates.


Here is your 21 Day Keto Challenge Guide

-Key Tips
-Snack Ideas
-Weekend Tips
-How to be succesful


Since ketosis is different to reach for every individual, I have compiled recipes, and snacks that could help most people reach their goal, without having to go lower than 20 carbs a day and could further help you decrease your weight, chances for health problems, reset your metabolism, and enough fats and calories for you not to acquire the famous ketosis flu. My program consists, of 1400-1600 calories per day, with 80 to 120 grams of fat per day, and a range daily from 35 to 40 digestible carbohydrates that have been placed in a perfect design for you to use those carbohydrates when you need them the most. You are able to do this 3 week program, with or without snacks, and choose from a 5 day plan to a 7 day plan. This is a plan to begin decreasing your carbohydrate level in an easier and less harsh manner. Most individuals confuse ketosis diet for the Atkins diet. Ketosis is often started cold turkey, and begins with the opposite with 20 digestible carbs or less. The average American consumes over 250 carbs in one day, and usually ends up in resulting in feeling extremely week, irritable, and feeling flu symptoms. My purpose here to help avoid this for you, and help you begin your new lifestyle correctly. In my program I’ll explain the do’s, don’ts, the misconceptions, tips on how to beat the nagging symptoms, and tips on what to eat and make at home.

When: Starts November 5th
What: 63 keto meals & 5 FREE keto Desserts
Cost: $5.25 per meal -$330.75 Total package
Deposit Required: At least $100 and is deducted from total of $330.75 to hold spot.
Important details :
✅ Total payment is due no later than November 2nd
✅ Limited spacing so leave deposit no later than Oct 31st
✅ 2 pick ups per week for 3 weeks
✅ Nutritionist Picks meals with changing menu -over 35 choices
✅Gluten Free & Diabetic type 2 Friendly
✅ 1st place wins $350 cash Prize
✅ 2nd place wins $150 BBC gift card
✅ Non refundable -total package and includes no refund for deposit.
✅ You are not required to participate in challenge but if you’d love to compete you will need to :
This plan does not have any modifications to it. If you have an allergy, or dislike for a food, we strongly recommend you choose a program where you can choose meals, or if you don’t like a meal, you’re able to purchase an a la carte substitution meal at any of our stores.
1) Submit a before photo to enter
2) Submit an after photo
3) Get weighed and measured before and after at our location between 10/29 -11/4
Want to sign up over phone ?
Text -Keto 21 day
☎️ 956 900 2266 
☎️ 956 800 7373
Want to sign up online ?
Or stop by any of our locations and pay:
411 E Mahl st Edinburg
214 W Jackson St , Harlingen
2000 S McColl Rd MCALLEN
Inbox us if you have any questions!
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We developed a short program for those who are wanting to be on a keto diet but don’t want to enter our Keto 21 day challenge, and are perhaps wanting to save some money since the program is cheaper!

Starts: Sept 24th 2018
Don’t worry about the cooking
Don’t worry about the recipes
Don’t worry about doing Keto Wrong

42 meals -3 weeks Lunch & Dinner -
$5.80 a Meal! 7 days week.
Changing menu
$100 deposit to leave your Spot

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