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Our Tummy Tuck Tea is packed with natural ingredients traditionally known to help you cleanse your system, support metabolism and reduce your bloating. It has a tart cranberry-like flavor with a deep magenta color.

Testimonials by hundreds of people with the following results:


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  • Results vary from person to person but drinking the tea along with a healthy diet is suggested.
  • Drink alone no more than 40 oz per day. At least 1 hour apart from consuming food.
  • Try to drink early in the day, so you aren’t waking up to use the restroom
  • If taking medication drink one hour apart. Will not interact but can lessen the potency.
  • Drink within 6 days of opening for best results
  • Drink 2-20oz glasses per day. 1 hour before or after breakfast and lunch.



*If taking any medication, consume one hour part. The tea will not interact with medicine, but can lessen the potency. Results will vary from person to person, but drinking the tea and maintaining a healthy diet will help your journey. This product is a health supplement, not a medicine and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.. Pregnant or lactating women or persons taking medication should consult a healthcare practitioner before using an herbal beverage.

What our customers are saying about Tummy Tuck Tea...

"Reduced inflammation and bloating big time."


"I felt my energy levels go up with no jitters...I felt lighter and less bloated."


"My stomach has gone down significantly."


"I'm loving the tea for my digestive has regulated my system."


Your tea has allowed me to finally stop my dependency on caffeine.."


"...I was so shocked at how FAST it worked."


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This is Francesca Hernandez, your chef and nutritionist! I’m so happy you’re getting to read this because it means you get to feel what i’ve been feeling for years! Vibrant, Healthy, Youthful.

This is new to you, but to me, it’s a healthy lifestyle I’ve created and have been living for years! I've been drinking Tummy Tuck Tea for 5 years! It's been my experience with the Tummy Tuck Tea that it has helped flush out toxins & fat cells, stabilize blood sugar and given me energy while fixing my metabolism.



"I love this Tea. I need it in my life!!!!"

"The tea really is a miracle!"


"Awesome!! Thank you so much! I LOVE IT!!!"


"I feel less boated and have lost weight. My stomach has gone down significantly"